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Can’t Memorize Your Forgotten Facebook Password!!


Forgotten Facebook Password: With security breach happening every now and then; social media users prefers keeping their account secure by changing passwords on regular basis. Facebook users are not left behind as they generally keep making modifications in the account password on a regular basis.

In doing so, the majority of people tend to lose access to their social media account. Despite several attempts; they are unable to recall account password even after several attempts. This certainly indicates that a user forgot Facebook password and has no idea regarding how to reset SM account password without following any complex procedure.

Some people are aware of the methods to recover FB password but they somehow, face one or the other issue on unexpected basis while following the procedure to regain back the access of social media account.  Here are certain reasons why users face problems during Facebook password reset.

  • Server downtime or outage issue.
  • Account suspended or blocked.
  • Password reset options not working.
  • FB account compatibility issues with the web
  • Recovery email address or phone number not active anymore.
  • Cannot reset the password using Google account as webmail server not responding.
  • Smartphone device app not responsive while resetting the password.

Users are not aware of the above-mentioned reasons behind consistent problems while resetting social media account password. With consistent invalid sign-in attempts; people, generally get their social networking account blocked as server recognizes these actions as the suspicious activity being made by cyberpunks to hack Facebook account. Certain methods, as well as chronological steps, are available on the web to recover password of social media accounts in a swift way but users need to follow them properly to regain access of SM account.

Methods and Procedure to Recuperate forgotten Facebook Password

Here are certain methods and procedures aligned herein to reset or recuperate forgotten Facebook password:

  • With Registered Email Address
  • Using Recovery Phone Number
  • Connecting Google Account with FB.

 How can I Recover Forgotten Facebook Password with Registered Email Address?

  • Launch a web browser window and open an official webpage of Facebook on the same.
  • Once the web page is displayed, you will find two empty boxes where an authentic login id is supposed to be entered along with the password that needs to be provided in an encrypted form.
  • If you are not able to recall the password, then click on the link “Forgotten Account”.
  • As the link is clicked upon, a new page is displayed with the empty box in which email address or phone number or full name of FB account holder need to be entered to search the profile.
  • Once any of the correct details is provided, a search button visible on the screen, need to be pressed for getting escalated to the next step.
  • Three options are visible on the screen out which you need click on the radio button corresponding to the text “Email me a link to reset my password”.
  • Click on the continue button and access recovery email account to get the 6-digit verification
  • Now enter the verification code in the box as displayed on the screen and click on continue button.
  • Now an option to reset FB password is displayed on the screen along with eye icon. Type the new password and click the eye icon to verify that you are entered the correct password that was in your mind.
  • Now click on the eye icon to encrypt the password and then again tap on continue button to for accessing social media account dashboard.
  • Once a new screen appears, a new message is displayed “You’re almost secure”.
  • Now select the option log out of other devices.
  • Press continue button in order to get the webpage redirected to FB dashboard screen.

Is it Possible to Recover Forgotten Facebook Password Using Recovery Phone Number?

Yes, it is possible to recover forgotten Facebook password using the recovery phone number. Just follow these below-mentioned steps and you will find the way to reset forgotten password of your social media account.

  • Double-click on the Chrome or Mozilla icon as seen on the desktop screen.
  • As the web browser window is displayed, type facebook.com to open official webpage of social media website.
  • Click on forgotten account link below the login section as seen on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • As the new page is displayed, enter the recovery email address associated with Facebook and click on the search button.
  • Once the valid FB profile is found that is associated with the email address, three options are displayed out of which radio button need to be clicked corresponding to the message “Text me a code to reset my password”.
  • Press continue button and wait for the text message to arrive on recovery phone number.
  • Now enter the 6-digit verification code and press continues button for the validation process to get completed.
  • Once the code gets validated, a new page is displayed in which you need to enter a new password and click on continue button.
  • Now a new screen appears with the option “ Log out of other devices”
  • Click on the radio button and press continue button to access FB dashboard successfully.

Is it Possible to Recover Forgotten FB password with Google Account?

Some people do not provide the recovery phone number at the time of account sign-up. Due to this password recovery option with phone number is not visible to them.  They would be lucky enough to reset their social media account password by linking Gmail account with Facebook.

Here are the steps to recover forgotten FB account using Google account.

  • Open facebook.com and click on the forgotten account link which is reflected on the right side of the device screen.
  • Now, enter the registered email address in the empty box and click on search button.
  • The three options appear as you are redirected to the new webpage upon clicking the search button and one amongst them is the option “Use My Google Account”.
  • Click on the radio button corresponding to it and press continue button.
  • Upon doing this, a new pop-up window in vertical form appears on the screen and prompt the users to enter the authentic Google account Login id and password.
  • Once you provide the essential details, enter a new FB password and click on continue button for regaining the access of social media account in a feasible way.

By following these above-mentioned strategies and procedure to Recover Facebook Account, any user; who is not able to recall their forgotten password can easily regain access to their social media account at ease. In case, they face any kind of wearisome issues, then the experts working with helpdesk team can assist you in implementing these strategies properly and troubleshoot any kind of infuriating issue; whenever it matters the most.


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