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10 Must Follow Tips To Add Value To Your Facebook Business Page

The idea behind starting Facebook was more about connecting people. Since then, the platform has gained a lot of users, whose numbers are set to exceed 2 billion.

Amidst all the debate about the usefulness of Facebook, there are those who intend to use the platform to enhance their reach. Businesses, small or large are employing the services of this leading social media portal to increase their presence. In what could be termed as a good move, the addition of “create a business page” option is presenting business owners to create their own unique identity.

Just creating the business page won’t help. Instead, the focus should be more on engaging the targeted audience. This usually requires investing a bit of time and creating strategies.

No doubt, your sole aim is to enhance your visibility. Unless you have something exciting to offer, it will become tough to stay in the competition. The competition is intense and you have to adapt, according to the changing priorities.


The Finer Points

On Creating a Facebook business page, it does help you fetch a public platform wherein you can publish relevant content to advertise your business, share updates,  upload image, and videos to make, in a bid to make it more interactive.

You can add filters through which the targeted audience of a particular age, range, and demographic area can find your business page in a feasible way. The attractive posts on your Facebook business page will eventually get more likes, as users have a tendency to share the same with their known ones. This, of course, makes a huge difference.


Things to Know While Creating a Facebook Business Page

  1. A logo of your website should be published as the profile image of your business page.
  2. Add a website URL and write a brief introduction about your organization in the description.
  3.  Provide a relevant page name and select the niche of your business.
  4. Provide the physical address of your business as it is represented on the business page through a map
  5. Choose a relevant call-to-action for diverting the targeted audience. It can be either a particular landing page or the home page of your website.

(You can also let users contact you directly by adding a phone number or email address in call-to-action section.)

Though these points mentioned above can be quite helpful in creating the Facebook business page,  the job is only half done. Additionally, you can follow certain tips, so as to get the desired results. Want to get a proper insight?

Here are some important tips that can help you get effective results from the Facebook business page.


1. Focus on a Single Platform:

In case, you have just created a business page on Facebook, creating an account on different social media sites is not the solution as it would not be delivering effective results. This because it would be easy for you to make regular posts on these sites. Instead, focus on one social media site like the Facebook business fan page and try to increase the followers by making regular posts related to your business niche.

Posting original contents about what’s new in the business, once or twice in a week can drive the number of likes and followers on your FB business page, provided you have targeted demographic area correctly.


2.  Post Regularly on Your Facebook Business Page:

In case you’re not able to see the steady increase in likes and followers on the business page, then its quite evident that you are not posting updates on a regular basis. As billions of users access Facebook from different corners of the globe, go through the different news. If something exciting comes up, share the same on your business page.

Make sure your posts generate enough engagements from the targeted audience as they are following your FB page. Don’t ever think about making posts for the sake of your benefit but for the need of users. Your main purpose is to gather the attention of the user.


3. Have a Clear Brand Identity:

Though you might not be quite professional in terms of marketing or graphic design, still you should be completely aware of what color or images that are supposed to be used. Just make your targeted audience as well as followers aware that what products or service are being offered by your organization. Do not forget that your page should give a professional look in all terms.

A person can only show interest in your services when it looks attractive. The short description of your product or services is mandatory as users show interest to try the services at least once. Choose the colors that can give professional look to your FB business page. Use an attractive logo to make your business page a brand.


4. Invite Members to Like the Page:

You can invite the friends listed in the Facebook account to like the page and request them to share your business page. But if you are targeting a selected demographic location,  to get abundant likes and followers, then it seems appropriate to go for paid campaigns.

Just pay a small amount of money to start Facebook ‘Like’ campaign, and set the age criteria and demographic location. You will get sufficient likes and followers from the locations you chose. Doing this will help you get more likes, as the people who showed interest in your business page might be sharing the same amongst their friends, which in turn can actually take your business to a new height.


5. Use the influence of Like-Minded Groups:

It would be highly beneficial if you get connected to other Facebook pages as well as groups related to your niche. Keep sharing each other posts that can help you get more likes from other sources. Partnering with other business pages related to your niche can deliver huge benefits to you as all their members will be liking your page and you will be helping them increase the traffic. The dual-efforts will help you generate more business online.


6. Prefer Using  Relevant Image:

It’s quite important to use an image as Facebook algorithm give preference to those business pages to come on top that has a clear and attractive image of FB business profile. If you want people to go to your business page, always prefer adding an image before sharing the post on the FB page. It can lead to more engagements as if images published with the posts are relevant.


7. Don’t Let Your Focus Move Away From the Basic Objectives:

While you’re creating posts on a regular basis; say 2-3 in a week, then your sole objective should bring more new people to visit the business page and like the same. On top of that, you should make sure that the existing members should also keep showing interest and remain active.


8. Share Live Videos and Pictures from Event:

Whenever your event is scheduled, just start a live video of the same and keep publishing shorter ones in different phases. Other than this, keep clicking new images of the performance being made on the stage or an elegant speech from the brand ambassador who is advertising your product or services. This will help you gain the interest of the targeted audience who will automatically engage on your FB social business page.


9. Publish Personalized Content:

Keep publishing content or stories related to the product or services you are advertising on the business page. Keep using tags in between the content but make sure it fits best with the content. Write a unique content so that people show interest reading it as content copied and published from other sources have no value.


10. Make use of Facebook Live:

Start a video of yours; being an entrepreneur using a Facebook live feature will let your followers know that live video from the Facebook page has begun. It would be great if you invite a guest to your office and broadcast his/her interview straight away through this live video feature.

Make sure you ask a relevant question related to the product or services being offered on the FB page. Users will only engage when the video and voice quality is up to the mark. Any slight glitch in the quality of the video will spoil the whole party.


Concluding Remarks

The tips can be quite effective when it comes to generating followers and likes on the Facebook business page.

In the event where you are having a bit of issue, when it comes to creating an effective FB business page, then you’re advised to contact the certified professionals anytime through Facebook chat service, which is available on a 24×7 basis.





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