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7 Exclusive Tips to Fix Gmail Issues in iPhone Device

Gmail issues on iPhone have been quite consistent these days and there are some valid reasons behind the same. As OS compatibility issue seems to be a core reason behind the problem, it needs to be resolved on an immediate basis. Other than this, a modification in device settings is required to the utmost.

Apple Incorporation; at the time of incepting iPhone, has never ever thought about any complications with Gmail to arise one or the other day. As it is happening on a consistent basis, the befitting action should be taken for resolving the problem to an immediate effect.

The situation actually irritates the user when he/she is asked to enter the Gmail user ID and password on the iOs device as the error prompt erupts several times in a row. There are several other reasons when a user gets frustrated due to Gmail or iPhone device issues.

  • Auto-Sync issues being the primary reason
  • IMAP and POP settings are not enabled
  • Unresponsive Server or outage issues
  • Invalid login credentials being used
  • SSL settings have been disabled
  • Email app not updated to the latest version
  • Can’t set up Gmail account in iPhone mail App
  • Latest iOs version not compatible with Gmail

Gmail not working on iPhone might be having several other reasons behind it. No one knows where the problem lies but user always remains at the sufferer’s end due to some harsh consequences.

Troublesome Issues Due to Gmail Not Working on iPhone

Listed below are the certain troublesome issues that occur at the time when Gmail stopped working on iPhone:

  • Can’t fetch Gmail messages on iPhone email app as the POP mail server is unresponsive
  • Error while sending email from Gmail using iPhone App results in failed delivery.
  • Unable to get emails on iPhone app due to wrong login credentials
  • Cannot connect with mail server due to disabled SSL settings.
  • Sent message on Gmail not reflecting iPhone app due to IMAP server outage.

The scope of Resolution Available for Gmail Not Working Problems in iPhone

To be honest, there’s a scope available to resolve Gmail technical issues in iPhone device. Here are some steps that need to be followed at the earliest to fix Google account issues:

1. Remove Gmail Account from iPhone Device and Setup Again

As if Gmail stops working on iPhone, the first and foremost step to fix the problem is removing existing account already set up in iOs device email app.

  • Unlock iPhone device and navigate to settings
  • Tap on accounts & password
  • Look for Google and tap on ‘Delete account’ seen within the option.

Once the account gets deleted successfully from Gmail, you can start the process again to set up the email account in the email app installed on iPhone device.

2. Get Your iPhone User Access Validated

In case the removal of Gmail account and re-setup of the same on iPhone mail app turn futile, all you need to do is to open the account on the web browser to authenticate your Google mail account access on iPhone device. It’s quite easy to do so just by following certain steps:

  • Access Gmail account with login id and password using Chrome web browser
  • Note: As if you’re doing it through iPhone, neglect the pop up that give prompts to download the App.
  • Click the mobile Gmail site link and proceed further.
  • Look for the alert box with a red header saying that “ Someone has your password”. If you find something like this, click on ‘Review’ button or ‘This was me’ to fix the issue.

3. Go Through The Recent Device Activity

Still, in case, Gmail is not accessible on iPhone email app, look through the recent device activity and confirm whether the account is not being accessed from any other location unknown to you. This can be done by following certain steps:

  • Access the Gmail mobile version interface on iPhone device and tap ‘My Account’ mentioned alongside the profile icon.
  • Look for ‘device activity and security events’ option and Tap it.
  • If you find something suspicious, click the option ‘secure your account’ by changing email password and turning on 2-step verification feature.
  • In case everything is fine, refresh the mail and see everything is working fine at your end. As if it is not working anymore, connect with Gmail customer care experts to discuss the issues.


4. Perform Captcha Reset:

The captcha reset option can be quite effective to implement in case Gmail stops working all of the sudden on your iPhone device. In this method, Google security features are to be unlocked for captcha reset so as to help the new device get connected with it in minutes. Finally, tap the continue button and Google will not send any further suspicious account access alerts.


5. IMAP settings have to be enabled:

Enabling IMAP settings is the vital step and has to be done immediately before you setup Gmail account in iPhone email app. Here are certain steps that help you fulfill the requirement: 

  • Access Gmail account on your PC and go to settings by clicking the gear icon
  • Scroll down and go to “IMAP Access”.
  • Tick radio button next to the option “Enable IMAP”
  • Press ‘save changes’ button to make changes effective.


6. Reset Network Settings:

Upon following this above-mentioned steps, opt to reset network settings if the Gmail stops working on iPhone device. Doing this will reset your saved networks and passwords. It’s recommended to create a backup of the same before you reset network settings.

 Here are the steps that help you reset network settings on iPhone device

  • Unlock iPhone device and tap gear icon to open settings interface
  • Tap General and look for reset option as the slide gets changed
  • Tap it again once found to access network settings interface
  • Enter your device passcode and confirm network settings reset from your end.


7. Refresh Your iPhone Device without Data Loss 

Last but not the least refreshing iOS device can be the only effective option if the above-mentioned techniques fail to fix Google account issues in iPhone. You can connect with certified Gmail live  chat support experts to make them aware of the problems and they will be providing troubleshooting steps applying which there is a higher probability to get the problem resolved


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