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Facebook Bug Causes Mayhem by Unblocking People- How can it Hurt You?

When you are particularly annoyed by people on Facebook, the best option would be to block them. However, something unexpected did occur, which can have a damaging impact on how you handle your online relationships. Turns out, a Facebook bug has resulted in the unblocking of some of the contacts, whom you clearly despise.

It doesn’t get worse than this. According to a news input, nearly 800,000 Facebook users came to realize that their specific blocked preferences have changed dramatically. This only means one thing. There is a definite chance of the contacts that you blocked gaining access to information and updates which you never wanted to share with them.

It will only lead to more chaos and you don’t really have any definite answer. Your present concern is more towards safeguarding your privacy, which is vulnerable, with the bug unblocking people from your blocked list.


The Origin of the Bug

Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook wrote:”  The bug was active between May 29 and June 5.” Going by the statement, it is clear that this was a recent event. From the details emerging, it is believed that the person unblocked had a good chance of viewing posts made available to a larger audience.

Surely, this whole new episode unleashes some complex issues, which are tough to handle. For instance, when you block someone, it only means you don’t really want to do anything with the person. But the chain of events, unleashed by the bug gives the blocked person a unique opportunity to get in touch with you through Messenger.

There is nothing much you can do to turn the tide of the events from unfolding. It surely is an embarrassment!


What Next?

Being on Facebook, you have to deal with a lot of people. In order to protect your interest, there are mechanisms that are meant to address your primary concern. One such provision gave you the ability to block people whom you don’t really want to contact.

Your personal freedom comes first and no one has the right to interfere with what you do or what you post.

But with the bug, all of a sudden, your personal freedom was at stake. Some of the contacts you had blocked might bombard your timeline with friend request and messages, asking why you took the decision to block them in the first place?

The mess is not going to be cleared in quick time and you are left to fend off the crisis on your own.

Maybe you can say- This has been to be one of the major drawbacks of being on Facebook.

However, there is some good news.


Is the Problem being Fixed?

As of now, Facebook has made it clear that the problem has been fixed and everyone has been blocked again. This, of course, appears to be a good piece of news. If you had been hard- hit by the Facebook bug, you will be receiving a notification when you login, wherein you will be asked to cross-check the list of blocked people.

With the eradication of the Facebook bug, at least for now you are safe. There is no immediate threat to your privacy and you can continue using the social media network to remain connected with your friends.

In the meantime, if you haven’t blocked anyone or didn’t know anything about the bug, there is nothing much for you to do. However, if you do wish to cut down on your friend list, then it makes perfect sense to block some of them.

At least, you will get some much-needed respite and you will be more at peace. Remember, Facebook is just a medium. Don’t let it control your personal freedom.


In Need of Additional Assistance?

With the problem of Facebook bug being fixed, you have nothing much to do. Nevertheless, there are certain issues that come up all of a sudden. As such, you might want to get some help. For a change, you will prefer prompt assistance, so that you can access your Facebook account with absolute ease.

This surely calls for expertise and on that front, you can reach out to the professionals through Facebook chat support. The support program basically takes care of all the issues and presents you an alternative. All you have to do is to share the problem and you will be offered a solution that suits your prevailing circumstances.


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