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Facebook App Coming Up With New Section for Local News and Events

Have you heard about the new innovation to be launched on Facebook App?

If not, then it’s really surprising

The waiting phase is now over for those, who were anticipating something new in the Facebook App.

Let’s make it clear to you….

Facebook is coming up with a new section in its App for the convenience of users in order to make them aware of the local news of their city. This new section is being tested within its App called “Today In” that keep sending feeds like local news, events, and announcements.

As the testing of this news section is just confined to 6 major cities in the United States like New Orleans, Los Angeles,  Little Rock,  Billings,  Olympia  and, Binghamton; Facebook users can easily get access to that section that helps you know about the local city news, stories from local publishers or exigency information revealed by local authorities.

“As far as surfacing content in the new section, Facebook has made it possible by using machine learning technology. The publisher who appear there in the listings with local news getting validated and vetted by the partner news team. All these activities take place under the supervision of Campbell Brown; who is the former NBC news anchor”


FB users, located in the above-mentioned testing regions; would be able to access these amazing features with bottom-right menu button as seen in the three horizontal lines, reflecting on the core Facebook App.

As this experiment is being spearheaded by news partnership team of Facebook, it takes help from both human curators and machine learning techniques that are being employed to populate content in the news section. It’s quite evident that machine learning technology will deliver the best performance as compared to human curators, who are limited to work as per the scripts.

Now, you might be thinking why this move has been taken by Facebook..

Well, the explanation is presented upfront

This is actually a part of Facebook Journalism project initiative that was announced by company in January 2017. The main purpose behind taking this initiative is to make a strong tie-ups with local news companies and improvise solid relationships with publishers.

As the founder have not thought about making FB portal locally focused, it’s confinement to city-specific local news search section is the actual reason behind cautious approach by Facebook.

Now the question arise whether the search section will actually reap benefits to local publishers. As Facebook is one of the most vibrant social media portal of all times with more than 2 billion active user, the probability of success is quite high.

The separate local search section of the app will derive huge traffic and can prove to be quite fruitful for publishers as they can gain huge profit out of it just by advertising. It’s really a challenging task for any publisher to make profits out of new local search at launch.

As Facebook is looking for a way to alert FB users in 6 testing cities of USA that this local search feature actually exists. After that “Today In” will actually appear in the menu with three horizontal lines (☰) where several other lesser-used apps are listed about which users have actually forgotten about.

Once the testing gets completed, Facebook would be launching this feature for every FB user world wide so that they can navigate to the local searches every cities in which they are not even residing in. “Local” is a bit kind of theme, Facebook has actually thought about, since past 18 months. Several posts from local politicians starts piling up that eventually expands the marketplace.

Hope, you’re now quite clear with the plans to be executed by Facebook. Though, these are not quite hard to understand but still in case of any queries, looking for the answers from the FB Help center is the only solution as you can’t get Facebook chat support and there is no possibility of contact experts due to absence of official toll-free number.


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