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Biometric ID Verification ‘Confirm.io’ Bought By Facebook – What it means !!


Looks as if you’re locked out of Facebook account….

Is that True??

If yes, no more worries as your troubles will not last longer

Reason being, the launch of biometric ID verification system “confirm.io” acquired by Facebook

This startup has actually made verification of government-issued identity cards like driver license or passport authentic. The Facebook users like you; who were stuck upon being locked outside, can surely get a sort of relief with this technique to get out of the shackles.

The entire credit goes to Facebook biometric ID verification, which has made the things possible.

Facebook Confirm

From the expert’s point of view, ‘Confirm.io’ would gain huge hype as the facebook ID verification will work in a true sense and help people unleash the FB lockout issues, without any hurdles. Still in case any hiccup occurs, Facebook Help Center is there to assist you.

Some of you might be thinking that a joke has been cracked to play with the emotions. .

Is that so…

But, this news isn’t fatal at all

These days a particular rumor is doing the rounds, which will definitely force you to think. However, there is a truth in it. Just trust on this technology acquired by Facebook. The news is that approx $4 million have been put by investors on ‘confirm.io’ that clearly indicates they are confident in its positive outcome.

Did this make you feel excited??

Of course yes, if it makes the investors believe in this startup that how can you be left unaffected

To make you clear now, the Boston based company is being dissolved and the confirm team along with the technology is going to be merged with Facebook that will really help users, access the FB account upon successful verification.

As per the Startup:

“When confirm was actually launched, our main objective to achieve the trustworthiness from the users that can help us to offer a reliable identity origination platform through which multi-factor verification services can be offered on a large scale. Our team is really excited to work with Facebook as this is actually our new journey to help registered FB users, regain access to their social media account. In the meantime, we won’t be able to offer digital ID authentication services alongside this. Therefore, we have decided to wind up the same.”

Facebook, upon integrating with biometric ID verification technology, can help users get their identity validated. It works effectively even if the latter gets locked out of the account upon being hacked or forgetting FB password or due to various other reasons.

This technology is far more effective than the features that were used to unlock FB account through a selfie, way back in September 2017. On top of that, it’s far more safe than submitting photo ID for regaining access to the locked Facebook account.

Now as Confirm.io’s team has actually confirmed the acquisition, the tech team will offer support and assist in streamlining the ways for successful biometric identity verification. Some users may find themselves in disarray, in case they have no idea regarding how to use Biometric security App.

Facebook Live Chat Help to avail customer support, is not possible on an instant basis due to unavailability of the phone number. Finding best solution through FB help center can help them in a proper way.


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