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New Gmail Inbox

Redesigned Gmail with New Email Features to Launch Soon

Have you ever thought how the redesigned Gmail user interface looks like…

Don’t be surprised as it has already been rolled out globally

Of course, anyone; who is a Gmail user are quite excited to have a glimpse of the same with new email features.

So does you, isn’t it !!

Well Well Well…

It’s a fascinating news for the desktop users; who access Gmail every now and then on their device. This facility is exclusively available to those, using desktop and laptop devices.

The most vital change that has come up with the redesigned Gmail, is the user interface. The new Google mail UI for the desktop, has made the toolbar more simplified with large and colorful icons been reflected to indicate labels in the column seen on the left side of Gmail dashboard.

The makeover of Gmail has offered a uncluttered and minimal new look that actually is far more modern and visually appealing as what actually you feel while using an App.

Another significant change that no one expected; being a desktop Gmail user, is ‘Smart Reply’ feature has also been rolled out for Gmail desktop users, which is currently being used by Android and iOS device users.

This can prove to be a time-savvy feature as quick responses suggested at the bottom of email messages by Google, can be quite helpful for you to send an instant reply just by typing few texts alongside automated message.

Smart Groupings and Snooze are some of the amazing features and functionalities that has made a way in the new-look Gmail interface, which help in organizing inbox messages as well as prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

The former has been introduced to group related emails together for your convenience while the latter delays incoming messages from some particular senders as well as all other unknown contacts that are supposed to be ignored.

Though this discussion could have been ended here itself, it is essential to make users aware of the amazing features of Gmail of which they have no idea about.

6 Amazing Features in Redesigned Gmail Interface

  1. Labs: It can be said as a testing ground for all those Gmail features that have not been rolled out yet due to one or the other reasons. Who knows; whether they are useful or not, the exact conclusion or result will come from its usage. It’s worth to check those features and to do this, go to ‘settings’ and enable the labs feature. Only due to this, it indicates that how many messages are left ‘unread’ in the inbox tabs. The catch is that it gets disappeared in few seconds.
  2. Revoke Sent Messages: You can now revoke or stop sent messages at ease even without any add-on extension to be installed on Gmail server. Just navigate to settings and click on the gear icon. Enable ‘Undo Send’ option. There is an option to choose the timing for message sent cancellation period like 5,10,15 or 20 seconds. Doing this can actually help you stop the sent message from getting delivered to the recipient.
  3. Colored Stars: As we all know, starring the Gmail message works like a bookmark and get saved in a particular folder named as starred. Though this feature is quite handy, it can make more useful as per your convenience.

In Settings, go to the star section and the colors that can be used instead of default gold color. In case you do not want to use a star, it’s totally upon your wish as boxes with different icons can be preferred for different messages as it can be easier for you to find the messages with different colored icons.

  1. Shortcuts: This is one of the main features about which most of the Gmail users are unaware of. If you’re one amongst them, then it’s not a big deal.

You can go through the entire Gmail settings and look for the shortcut keys that are to be used through the keyboard. The Keyboard shortcut section once found, will help you know about the techniques that can enlist the complete list of shortcuts that can be used for accessing Gmail.

Just press shift key +/ upon accessing Gmail inbox and the shortcut key window will get displayed on the screen.

How to hide categories or Inbox Tabs: All the messages getting accumulated in Gmail inbox gets sorted into different categories or tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions, updates, and forums.

If you don’t require one of these categories to be reflected on the Inbox dashboard, then go to the settings just by hitting the label tabs and then scroll down to categories and uncheck the one you don’t require.

  1. Search Properly: Users just get misguided or fooled with the simple-looking Gmail search bar section. Just click on the down-arrow key in the right corner of search bar that helps you go through several options, which help in sorting the messages in a feasible way.
  2. Smart Reply: As already been discussed before in this blog, the user can now send a smart reply to the sender accessing Gmail, even if they are confined to accessing Google email account on desktop or laptop device.

Earlier, this feature was only applicable for users availing Gmail services through the App installed on their Android or iOS device. But with the update of machine learning technology, the smart message feature can now be used by computer device as well.

Apart from these features, muting thread messages, block annoying or unknown users and accessing uncluttered inbox dashboard is also possible upon accessing Gmail interface using authentic login credentials.

As many users; being completely non-technical, face problems every now and then upon accessing newly designed Gmail interface with advanced features, they can take help of Gmail live chat support experts if any kind of contingent scenario occurs while accessing email messages.


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