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Google’s Pixel Buds – Is it Worth the $160 Price Tag!

For the uninitiated, Google’s Pixel Buds might not resonate as something worth giving a try.  However, this might be the most hyped product to come out from the stables of Google, in recent times.

Pixel Buds from Google are a set of Bluetooth enabled earbuds, which by the way are not completely wireless. But, surely, there are some cool features, which are bound to make you run and grab them, the right way.

Google Pixel Buds

With a price tag of $160, almost the same as Siri from Apple, Pixel Buds does seem to be a fancy option. Leaving aside the price factor, the thing that stands out will certainly dazzle the user.

So, what are the so-called “mind-boggling” features?

  1. Better sound quality than AirPods.
  2. Gives you the ability to converse in hands-free mode.
  3. Google Assistance, considered to be superior to Siri by many.
  4. Comes in a  cute looking clamshell case.
  5.  Last but not the least, built in Google Translate.

What is the point of having earbuds that don’t look sophisticated, but is designed to perform multiple functions?

First of all, the sound quality seems better, but with Google, you have certain expectations. But, at the same time, its response towards Assistant is pretty fast. If you are visiting a country in the Far- East, say China, the Assistant will indeed come to your rescue, as it translates the language into English.

Of course, you will internet for that. Nevertheless, it works great.

What’s in the case?

The clamshell case, containing the Pixel Buds does have a unique appeal. It comes with a recharging battery that can be charged for a period of 24 hours. In reality, fully charged Pixel Buds can be used for a maximum of 5-6 hours. That’s below par. Moreover, the case does not really have any indicators, which will not be appreciated by a majority of the users.

Google Pixel Buds

One problem that keeps on repeating is that of putting the earbuds in the case. If you are not careful with the edges, the case won’t close. In the case of confusion, one can, however, refer to the diagram that is displayed inside the lid.

Lost in translation- Use Google Translate!

Google’s Pixel Buds appear to be tightly woven together with Google Translate. There’s a catch though. It is programmed to work only with the Google Pixel smartphones.

To use it, all you have to do is to activate Assistant, which will then power up Google Translate.  From here on, it uses the app’s real-time translation system and helps you get the word, through the earbuds.

Just tap and hold to speak and the rest will be taken care by Google Translate. At least, you are now in a position to converse with almost anyone, provided Google Translate is able to get the meaning.

Final Thoughts on Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds seem to be a nice set of wireless earbuds, with a lot of impressive features. There are some major flaws, as well. Besides, the $160 price tag seems way off the mark. Besides, it is not entirely wireless either.

To some, the build quality appears to be flimsy. In fact, some of the users have complained about the wires attaching the two buds getting entangled in cloth and other items.

Google Earphones

But, the sound quality is good and Google Assistant really takes communication to a new level. What more, you can even translate on a real-time basis!

In short, Pixel Buds does have many qualities that will generate attention. Apart from that, some minor flaws can be overlooked.

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