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Google Voice Search – Can It Revamp Your Customer’s Search Experience

Have you ever used Google voice search?

Was it a pleasant experience?

Hopefully, it should’ve been…

What’re your actual thought in this regards??

Will it actually work and make the search experience more emphatic?

Most probably as the estimates show that by 2020, the voice searches on Google will be around 200 billion per month. As per this mandate, you; being an entrepreneur, might experience a vast change in the online searches made by the potential customers using the digital assistants in upcoming years.

With people gradually changing the way to make online search results feasible and fruitful, will it make any impact on the brands as well as marketers?

Is there any possibility for them to keep up with the wind or fall another way down to the edge.

Let’s see and find the conclusion after going through the story.

Well, some can take this as a smart move made by Google and those business people, who have intentions to leap over the competitors, may take benefit of this voice search feature.

With voice search market expanding drastically, customers are expecting a more personalized experience than before. As this happening on a large scale, there is a much-expected acceleration in the viewpoint of the customer service and that too at a drastic rate.

Any of the user making way for the digital assistants has observed it or not, one thing which has been noticed behind the emergence of this voice search technology is the mobile world, where everything happens at the fingertips.

Let’s make it clear why it actually happens.

The expectation of smart search has actually come in the mind of users from home itself where they use digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, which fulfill all the tasks in minutes.

But there’s nothing wrong with it. With the digitization growing at a rapid pace, you have to work as per on-demand culture ubiquitous.


Do You Have Any Business Strategy to Match Rapidly Expanding Voice Search Market:

As told in the beginning itself that by 2020, the majority of online searches will be made through voice.

Though everyone has started developing a technology to match as per growing technology, Google has already started the same and the search approach is used, is also up to the mark.

The evidence being 42% web users have adopted voice search technology, with most prominent amongst them are aged below 34; who have accepted this practical approach in a better way at their own comfort while at home or while driving an automobile.

This phase is what we can say is the golden era in the internet world where everything seems to be happening perfectly. All essential points are being considered successfully, starting from how people communicate and in turn how companies will operate.

Do you’ve any online business strategy in mind that works concurrently as per the Google voice technology?

If not at this point of time, then hurry up and fasten your activities to

start formulating an online business strategy as per the expanding voice search market to keep up with the pace so as to reap essential benefits.


How is Google Voice Search Technology Actually Being Used?

As already mentioned above that Google has already made a mark in the voice search technology, users apply the same to variant aspects that actually makes the difference.

As per the stats received regarding the use of Google voice search technology by adults:

  • 40% of the users take benefit of Google voice search technology for finding directions
  • 21% of those use this technology for taking assistance to make important phone calls
  • 39% avail the services of voice search to type the text for relevant results
  •  Some of these users take help of voice search to get support for homework


Customer Experience Matters the Most to Get Connected with Everything

If you want the potential customers to take the complete benefit of Google voice search, the content of your blog/website has to play a vital role. The content has to be formulated in such a way that all answers of the questions asked by users, should be available on your website listed on the top of search results.

Confused !!

Let’s make this clear for you

As per the research made, the queries of the users availing voice search technology begins with “how”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “who” and “why”.

The heading and subheading of your content should contain questions with these words. Alongside this, the relevant answer to the question is also mandatory. This ploy can easily be considered in Google voice search results. Once the search results are displayed, your website/blog will be found listed in the top 5 results.


Listed below are the examples to make this tutorial clear for you:

  • How can I travel from Las Vegas to Newark?
  • What time does train depart from London to Paris?
  • Where can I travel with my family for summer vacations?
  • Who said this phrase “ Friend in need is the friend indeed”?
  • When the show “Black Panther” be released worldwide?
  • Why should we prefer eating vegetarian food?

Though these are just illustrations but you have to formulate the questions by yourself while writing a content so that it comes easily in the search results when a user makes the query through “Google voice search” technology.

In order to make users truly know the importance of voice search, it’s quite important to integrate this technology with content and make sure these two components connect properly with each other. This can be done only through digital voice-activated assistant. In case troubles occur while doing so, call google support chat to get comprehensive solutions on time before the things go out of your control.


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