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Recover disabled Gmail Account

Is Your Gmail Account Disable? Try Easy hack to Recover Disabled Gmail Account

Has Google disabled your Gmail account? Do you need instant assistance to recover your disabled Gmail Account?

Fret not!

You can still regain the access to your disable Gmail account just by following the simple steps enumerated by Gmail Technical Support Team. Moreover, the professionals have also revealed the list of root cause behind disabling of Gmail Account.

By seeing the rapid growth in online phishing and stealing of data through malicious tricks, Google has initiated many strict measures to keep its products and services hack free. Its terms and conditions are one of the best examples that make it stand out of others and making it the most reliable online giant.

So, if Google encounters any suspicious and solicited activities on your account, then it will definitely going to revoke the access of your Gmail account by disabling it on the temporary basis. It is generally carried out to protect your Gmail account from fraud or abuse by hackers.

If you have also received an email in your “recovery email address” by Google that states “Action Required: Your Google Account is Temporarily Disabled”; then you must go through the entire blog to find out the root cause and further recover your disable Gmail account with the help steps lined below from the Account Support page.

Every Possible Reason behind deactivation of Gmail Account

The Gmail Customer Service Team has put forward some of the most prominent causes, why has Google temporarily disabled your Gmail account. Here are some account activities that can result in deactivation of your account that might last from a minute to a couple of days.

  • If the user is receiving, deleting, or downloading a huge amount of emails through POP or IMAP in a short span of time; then Google will consider it suspicious.
  • If the account holder has violated Google’s policies, which includes Google Terms of Service, the User Content and Conduct Policy, and other policies for products and services
  • If the user is makings repeated attempts to Send a large number of undelivered messages.
  • If the user is posting Misleading content, spam, copyrighted content on the web through the Google account
  • If the user is making use Google services for Deceptive and malicious Practices.
  • If the Google finds any Invalid activities on its products like Adwords, Adsense, Webmaster tool, Google Search, Google Plus, Allo etc.
  • If the user is sharing spam, antisocial, violent or racist content on or through any Google service.

So, if you are also involved in any such malicious activities, be aware, the developers of Gmail Technical team have crafted a strong and powerful spam filter that can easily detect any malicious activities on your account. When you try to share any malicious content through your Gmail account, these filters will mark your account as misleading and spam, and your Gmail account will be deactivated automatically.

How to Restore your Disabled Google Account?

Wondering! How to enable the disabled Gmail Account? Here is the easy yet effective tutorial, which you can use to unlock your suspended Google account.

To reactive your Google account, follow the steps lined up below:

  • Open a browser that you generally prefer to use
  • Enter accounts.google.com in the address bar and hit the “Enter” key
  • Login to your Google Account by providing valid login credentials
  • Google might ask you to confirm your mobile number.
  • If you are successfully signed in; then your disabled Gmail account is successfully recovered.

However, if the steps mentioned didn’t help you to enable the disabled Gmail account, you are required to fill “my Gmail account disabled form” and submit it in order to restore the access to the account. Further, you are required to go through the Google policy page after regaining the access to your disabled account.

In case, you find it difficult to submit the request to restore the disabled Gmail account; then you can get in touch with experts via a Gmail Customer care number for the immediate troubleshooting. The skilled professionals are available round the clock to offer impeccable service to the customers.

What are the important measures that users must take to prevent the disabling of Gmail Account in the future?

  • Never try to sign-in to any other third party product or service via your Gmail Account
  • Make sure you are not sharing any spam, objectifying content, racist messages on any of the Google product.
  • Read out the Google’s policy carefully before using any of its products.

Hope this blog would have solved many of the enigma related to disabled Gmail account and recover it real time. For more such updates, stay tuned!


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  • Thank you for your detailed post. Earlier today, my Google account was disabled because my YouTube channel was flagged for “spamming”. Though I was able to login to the Google account and confirmed my mobile number, I’m still left in thought.

    How do I know my Google account has been restored? Do I need a confirmation from them? Or I still need to fill their “restore my account” form?


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