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How to Recover Outlook Email Password with Phone Number?

Reset Outlook Email Password without email id & security question.

With various users accessing Outlook.com and getting registered with the same to create personal or official mail account, some of them forget their password after some time as they try signing into the mail account after many days. As their recovery email address is no more active and they do not remember the answers to security questions perfectly, the only options left with them is to recover from reset Outlook password with the phone number that was provided at the time of registration.

Here are the recommended steps on

How to reset or recover Outlook Password with registered phone number

·         Open the web browser and type Outlook.com.
·         Click on sign in the link mentioned on the upper right corner of the webpage.
·         Once the link is clicked, you will land on the web page https://login.live.com/login.srf.
·         As you are unable to login into the email account due to incorrect login credentials, click on the link:  Forgot my password
forgot outlook password
·         Once the link is clicked, there are three options that appear on the screen of web page:
Ø  I forgot my password.
Ø  I know my password but can’t sign in.
Ø  I think someone else is using my Microsoft account.
options for password recover in Outlook Mail.
·         Select the option “I forgot my password” and click on the button next.
·         Once the next button is clicked, enter the Microsoft email address for which password need to be recovered. Once it is entered, provide values mentioned in the captcha image in the box provided alongside and click next.

recover outlook account
·         Select the option:  Text ******34 and provide the last four digits of your registered phone number   in the box and click on the button Send code.
recover outlook mail
·          The 4-digit code is sent on the registered mobile number provided during email account registration. Enter the verification code sent to the phone via text message within the box provided where the code need to be entered. Click the button next.
·         Once the code is validated, a new web page is opened with the option to perform Outlook password reset.
·         Enter the secured password twice and click on the button confirm.
·         Once the button is clicked, the successful password resets message is displayed.
     If you are unable to reset or recovery Outlook email password using secondary email id, Do not panic about that try another option such as-
Outlook email password recovery procedure is really not complex for the users; as they need to go through the methods that suit them the most and complete the procedure of Outlook password reset successfully by following the above-mentioned steps. User may Contact ThirdParty Outlook Customer Support Number & get instant help & support.






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