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Where to contact Facebook

Where Should I Contact Facebook Support?

With the emergence of Facebook in 2006, a big turnaround in Internet world was expected and it happened as per the anticipation. As mass population across the globe who access the Internet on daily basis were waiting for the launch of social networking/media platform from past many years, their wait turned fruitful with the launch of Facebook with the beta version.

Though Facebook went through several updates and upgrades in order to see itself user-friendly for the people, who want to use this social networking/media website; it came out flourishing with complete rectifications in social networking platform despite criticisms that Facebook earned during its inception because of the application issues.

With no phone number to contact Facebook, frustration generally come up on the face of users as they are unaware regarding how to contact Facebook. In order to make users feel comfortable, The necessary information is available on the Internet so that users can contact Facebook by phone within few seconds.

With upgraded version, the application issues or script error related issues in Facebook reduced to a huge extent. But who knows when it can occur as these technical glitches creep up on a sudden basis

Contacting Facebook support is recommended to fix all kind of robust issues that hamper the user activity on their personal or official Facebook account.

Reasons Behind Contacting Facebook Support

Facebook users residing in United States and Canada are bit confused, the main reason behind it is that they are unable to understand reasons for contacting Facebook by phone.

As they are highly qualified to fix all kind of astonishing problems that can create a fuss in the Facebook account, then why there is need to contact Facebook customer service. Though they are highly capable of fixing all kind of glitches by applying the knowledge or skills but a little bit of slackness can make issues really complex or critical.

As Facebook social networking platform is designed in such a way that it can help users to perform functionalities within few minutes, scripts working in the background are there to complete the tasks such as Facebook login, sharing posts, Facebook profile image cropping and upload.

The changes are required to make them function again in a streamlined manner. But it only happens when the user contacts Facebook via phone for immediate assistance as he/she may not be aware that what changes need to be made in the script to make it functional again.

Troubles in Facebook Account for which Customer Support is Needed

Below mentioned is the list of critical problems for which users need to get in touch with Facebook help contact team by dialing official Facebook contact number:

  • Login problems in Facebook quite frustrating
  • Can’t reset Facebook password with email address or phone number
  • Errors creep up while changing Facebook password
  • Server outage issues in Facebook quite troublesome
  • Unable to recuperate compromised Facebook account
  • Web browser compatibility issues with Facebook
  • Sudden disconnection of Facebook App from the server
  • Problems in creation of Facebook business page
  • Registration failure issues as Facebook registration page getting refreshed
  • Facebook loading issues using App installed on smartphone device
  • Errors occur while accessing chat and message application embedded in Facebook
  • Facebook compatibility problems with web browsers

How to Contact Facebook Customer Service?

As many users are not aware regarding how to contact Facebook customer service, they can easily share the issues in Facebook account with expertise techies; who are familiar with the problems that generally occur in the Facebook account as well as about the solutions to fix them on a permanent basis.

Most of the users generally ask from their friends and known ones “how do you contact Facebook” but do not get satisfactory answers as those people are still confused regarding how to contact Facebook as the question is always around them “How do I contact Facebook by phone” whenever they face any kind of glitch that makes the social media account vulnerable to use.

There is a comprehensive answer to the question: How to Contact Facebook by Phone? There is the universal answer to make global users aware that no such official Facebook contact phone number is available on the web.


Users need just rely on the feedback sent by Facebook Help Center for the problems they have mentioned therein and that too after 2-4 business days. Though it is a time consuming process but users are not able to get comprehensive assistance when it matters the most to them. Had official Facebook support phone number been available, it would have been a best helping hand for users in terms of availing immediate assistance.

Support Offered by Facebook Contact Team

Issues cannot be fixed just by filling up Facebook contact us form. Certified professionals always determined to offer Facebook registered users; a comprehensive support for the niggling problems, they are facing from last many days while accessing Facebook account.

Here is the list of services offered by experts available at Facebook Technical support  24/7; Facebook users give a call at third party contact number for Facebook for immediate assistance:

  • Fix Facebook login issues at the earliest
  • Troubleshoot Facebook login page loading issues in Mac and Smartphone device
  • Facebook password reset issues fixed on instant basis
  • Help in recovery of Hacked Facebook password
  • Online assistance offered to troubleshoot Facebook script errors within a minute
  • Fix message sending and receiving issues in Facebook
  • Help in cropping and uploading Facebook profile image
  • Resolve Facebook server downtime or outage issues


Users can  contact well trained and expertise professionals through third party toll – free  phone number for Facebook available on the web in order to get comprehensive assistance for resolving critical or complex issues before it gets out off the hook.


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