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What You Must Do If You Still Own A Yahoo Account in 2018?

So, what makes 2018 extra special? Probably, the notion of getting into a new year might be the biggest positive for you.

In a world that is increasingly getting bi-polar, there is less amount of sentimental value attached to all things great, from the past. It almost comes as a shock when you claim that you still happen to own a Yahoo account in 2018.

Despite the repeated question marks over Yahoo’s reluctance to address the security issues, the fact that you have a functioning Yahoo mail account is almost an impossible idea to others.

Well, there are plenty of users, scattered all over the globe, with an active Yahoo mail account. Yahoo was always at the forefront of innovation and is still regarded as one of the email platforms, despite facing intense competition from the likes of Gmail .

Everything changed, once Yahoo did admit the massive 2013 data breach, that affected almost 3 billion users. Since then, a majority of the users have either switched on to a different email platform or deleted their respective account permanently.

It is ok if you are attached to your Yahoo mail account. But that does not mean, you should be ignorant of the potential threats. Unless you make it a point to upgrade the security mechanism, your account is very much under threat.


Decoding the Threat Perception

Is there any fool-proof mechanism that can offer comprehensive security to your Yahoo mail account? There is none.

Well, before you try anything fancy, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account. You must decode the emerging threats, especially in the current scenario. What makes things difficult is that hackers don’t have any set template they follow to break into the account.

The world is changing and so must you. For instance, just after the data breach, some spammers tried sending phishing emails in the form of Yahoo notifications. These emails had links, which asked the users to click on the same. Better stay alert and don’t fall into such traps. Yahoo never sends emails with attachments or ask the users to give out sensitive details.

You need to get smart, so as to counter the many threats that put your account at risk. If you wish to know more, check out the FAQ section posted on the Yahoo website.


How to Secure the Yahoo Account?

When it comes to securing the Yahoo account, you have to be precise and cautious at the same time. The actions you take have its own ramifications. If anything goes wrong, there is no second chance.

Stay true to your objective and follow the simple steps.

1. Change the Account Password:

Start by signing into your Yahoo account and change the password. It would be a wise move not to use the same password for a different account. Moreover, the new password you employ should be unique and strong. Never divulge it to anyone else.

If you are not quite good at remembering the password, then it makes sense to utilize the services of a password manager tool. These tools can generate a password that is rather difficult to crack.

2. Enable Two- Factor Authentication:

After changing the password, the thing on the agenda would be to enable two-factor authentication. On that front, your smartphone’s services can be put to use to log into the account. Since it involves a security code which is sent by text to your phone, the hackers will have a tough time, breaking into your account.

3. Make Use of Account Key:

The Account Key feature in Yahoo replaces your conventional password, with that of a smartphone app. By and large, it certainly helps to add an extra layer of security, which is always beneficial, under the circumstances.

4. Update Account Recovery Information:

To be on the safer side, you have to make sure to update the account recovery information. In case, your account is hacked or you have lost access to the account, then with the information, you have a chance to make a gradual recovery.

5. Review Your Account History:

With Yahoo, you have the facility to review your entire account activity. By going through the same, you will be able to check, if somebody else had broken into the account. If the account has been breached, you can accordingly take the precautionary measures.


Additional Tips to Protect Yahoo Account

Apart from the steps mentioned above, there a few additional tips that might help you protect the account.

  • If you ever sing into your Yahoo account on a computer that is on a shared network, make sure to sign-out.
  • While using your own PC, prefer to use a secure browser. It helps if you have also installed security software.
  • Stay away from any emails that find its way into your account.
  • Change the password on a regular basis.


Want to Leave Yahoo – Not Quite Sure

By now, you know the tips that can help you to protect the sanctity of your Yahoo account. Of course, a bit of patience and keeping a vigil goes a long way. The main objective should be to secure the mail account at any cost.

Leaving the account might not do any good. Instead, you must find a way to improve the security features, so as to stay safe.


Technical Assistance for Account Recovery

If your account is hacked and the recovery process is something that you are not familiar with, there’s nothing much to worry. You can try reaching the

24×7 yahoo live chat team team, with the aid of a toll-free number. This way, you can consult with the experts, who will propose a customized solution to your immediate problem.


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