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Yahoo Mail Unresponsive Behavior

Yahoo Mail Unresponsive Behavior

Is Yahoo Mail Application Unresponsive Behavior Really Troublesome?  Resolution Steps Available    

With every single person accessing internet on daily basis has made his/her mind using best email service provider, it is Gmail for someone but still in countries like United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom; majority of email users prefer getting registered with yahoo mail and access their personal or official emails with ease on Windows PC, Mac OS X desktop, and Laptop devices as well as IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). As Yahoo mail is accessed directly through mail servicer by opening mail.yahoo.com on Windows and Mac desktop or laptop devices, things are quite different; when it comes to accessing Yahoo email on Android and IOS Smartphone device.

With some Smartphone users accessing Yahoo email services through pre-installed browsers such as Opera (in Android Smartphone device) and Safari (in IOS Smartphone device) but as the world is getting advanced; people generally prefer accessing their mail inbox through Yahoo App by installing it through Google Play Store (For Android and IOS Device) or App Store (exclusively for IOS Smartphone device).

Reasons Behind Unresponsive Issues in Yahoo Mail App    

  • Updated Yahoo App compatibility issues with the current version of Android and IOS.
  • Yahoo mail app version is obsolete or outdated.
  • Internet connection not working properly.
  • Yahoo server stopped responding all of the sudden.
  • Sudden disconnection of Yahoo app with the server.
  • The sudden crash of Yahoo App.

As people install Yahoo app in their Android OS and IOS Smartphone device but they are unaware to fix troublesome issues that occur due to the unresponsive behavior of Yahoo mail. Here are the steps to fix Unresponsive Yahoo app issues in Android and IOS Smartphone device.

How to Fix Yahoo App Unresponsive Issues in Android Smartphone

As many users are unaware about how to fix Yahoo app unresponsiveness Issues in Android OS Smartphone device, here are some steps to resolve unresponsive Yahoo app issues in Smartphone device with android version 4.0 or more.

  • Unlock android Smartphone device and press home button.
  • Then press button and press on settings options.
  • Search for application manager and tap on that.
  • Find unresponsive Yahoo app and tap on that for force stop.
  • If it works then its
  • If Yahoo app shows unresponsive signs, then uninstall Yahoo app from the android OS Smartphone device and download Yahoo app updated version from Google Play store and install the same on Smartphone device.
  • Then again reactivate the app and perform certain actions that led to the unresponsive behavior of Yahoo app.
  • Now reboot the android Smartphone device and press the Yahoo app icon on the home screen.
  • Upgrade the Android OS to the latest version to prevent compatibility issues.

In case the Yahoo unresponsive issue still persists, then contact Yahoo support experts immediately for instant help who can be contacted easily through Yahoo customer service phone number.

How to Fix Yahoo App Unresponsive Issues in IOS Smartphone device

  • Unlock the IOS device (iPhone) and press on the home button.
  • Swipe on the Yahoo app icon displayed there and stop the services.
  • Then restart the Yahoo app and click the icon on home screen.
  • If Yahoo app is still unresponsive, uninstall the same from IOS Smartphone device.
  • Download the latest version of Yahoo app from App store exclusively available for IOS and Mac device.
  • Install the Yahoo app in iPhone device for its proper functioning.
  • Upgrade the IOS to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues.

In case Yahoo app unresponsive actions continue in IOS device even after following these steps, then it is a critical situation for user who need to instantly contact Yahoo customer service experts through Yahoo customer care number provided by several helpline service providers as there is no official technical support number of Yahoo available on the internet for the convenience of the users.


Yahoo App unresponsive issues are getting prominent these days due to several unexpected scenarios and nobody except a proficient tech guy can fix this problem unless he/she has complete knowledge to fix any kind of general or technical problem occurring in Smartphone device due to Yahoo App.  Though Yahoo support number is unavailable on the internet but still other organizations provide independent Yahoo tech support services by launching Yahoo customer service phone number for the convenience of the email users so that they can get any kind of issues fixed within the shortest time period.



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