Has Change Yahoo Password Become A Necessity for Account Security?

Yahoo Customer Care Executives to Eliminate Technical Mess

Despite security breach happening last year, there is no decline in the popularity of email services as users are well aware to change Yahoo password on a regular basis. Yahoo has gained mass popularity in the web world; being a major web portal, the introduction of email service has brought it to a new height.

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With amazing features being introduced from time to time with the launch of new versions, millions of people are showing interest to avail email services. The account security is the most important aspect that every user generally keeps in mind while availing Y! Mail services. Yahoo change password is one such functionality that can be implemented in minutes just by executing the necessary steps.

However, some users do not know how to change Yahoo password. But this, in fact, is not their fault as the lack of technical know-how or necessary skills that do not allow them to take initiation.

With no Yahoo phone support as well as email/chat help desk available on the web, they are left with limited options to avail help from the resources available online.

  1. Yahoo Help Center >>
  1. Social Media Sites >>  

Though Y! Mail users can look for the problems from the Yahoo Help Center or community forums, still lots of their precious time is unnecessarily consumed without any fruitful results gained out of it.

The email users are not able to get timely help related to Yahoo password change, whenever needed. The help desk services can’t be expected on an immediate basis, even if a Yahoo mail user post the issues or queries on the official Yahoo pages created within social media sites as mentioned above.

How to Change Yahoo Password through Web Browser on PC

  • • Sign-in to Yahoo mail account and access the inbox dashboard.
  • • Navigate your mouse to the name mentioned alongside icon and hover on it.
  • • Doing this, the account info option gets visible.
  • • Click on it and access the personal info page.
  • • Once getting redirected to the specific page, you will find the left sidebar visible on the screen with certain tabs.
  • • Click on account security tab resulting which change password option appears on the screen.
  • • Once clicked, you are asked to enter a new password twice as per the defined protocol
  • • Press the continue button to make changes effective.

Many people, who have the knowledge to change Yahoo mail password; sometimes face technical hiccup that actually prevents them from offering security to the email account. They are actually seen typing queries on the search engine like:

  • • “I can’t change my Yahoo password!! What to do?”
  • • “ Errors coming at the time of Yahoo email change password!! How to fix it?”
  • • “Login issues occur while changing Yahoo email password”!! Please Help.

But nothing to worry!! Yahoo Inc has unveiled certain steps to change email password in minutes by using a PC or smartphone Device. The Y! Mail App has been made available for the convenience of Smartphone users to change Yahoo Password on Mobile.

To make it clear, the steps to change Yahoo mail password on the iPhone and Android devices are mentioned below:

How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone Device

  • • Unlock the iPhone device and tap on Yahoo App.
  • • Once done, the dashboard gets displayed in which you need to tap on Account info.
  • • As you do the same, the new slide is displayed, in which Account security option is visible.
  • • Tap on it and wait for the few seconds to get a new slide reflected on the screen.
  • • After few second a new slide is displayed, in which Yahoo change password option gets visible.
  • • Tap on it and enter the new password twice.
  • • Confirm the changes by tapping on the continue button resulting which password change success message appears on the device screen.

How to Change Password on the Android Phone?

  • • Get your Android phone device unlocked and tap on Yahoo mail app pre-installed in the device
  • • Tapping on the App will make Yahoo mail dashboard visible to the users.
  • • Look for Account info option and Tap on it once found.
  • • Once the new slide is displayed, account security option is visible on the device screen.
  • • Just Tap on it and enter the new password twice that is being entered on the screen

By now, it should be quite clear that steps to perform Yahoo password change on mobile are quite different from those being used to execute through a web browser on your PC device.

Is Your Email Account Really Secure with Yahoo Password Change?

Are you completely satisfied with Yahoo mail security upon consistent changes in email password?

Of course not. In today’s world, you cannot consider anything secure until and unless two tier security is offered to the same. Same is the case with a Yahoo email account.

Not to worry. Two-step authentication can be enabled to your Yahoo email account, doing which a verification code is sent by Yahoo on your mobile phone. Just wait for the code to get validated and then feel secure as there Is no possibility of email account getting hacked by spammers.

The other way to update Yahoo security settings and prevent any kind of malicious activities by hackers is to enable the Yahoo account key feature that nullifies the importance of email password.

The account key feature can be enabled with the help of Yahoo App that is already pre-installed on the device. All you need to do is to just navigate to the account security option with the help of Y! Mail App and just enable it.

The 6 digit Yahoo account key gets generated automatically and helps in email account access upon successful validation; thereby vanishing all possibilities of Yahoo account security issue.

How to Change Yahoo Password without Old Password?

As we have already discussed Yahoo account key above, you can also apply the steps of Yahoo mail change password without accessing email account using current password. The Yahoo account key feature once enabled plays an important role in accessing email account successfully.

Once accessed successfully, you can directly navigate to the account security and change Yahoo email password in minutes without any kind of hassle.

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