How to reset Forgotten Facebook Password within a minutes?

Quick Steps to Recover Forgotten Facebook Password

Separation from your favorite pastime “Facebook” might be bored to tears for you, as you have lost the access to your account. You miss chatting with your friends, posting pictures, going live and sharing your fun moments to the world. But, wondering how you can get into your account, as you can’t find the best way out. Don’t worry, you can reset your Facebook password, in order to regain the access to your account.

Facebook Password Recovery

Whether you have forgotten your Facebook Password or someone else has gained access to your account; Facebook password Recovery is the best remedy to get back the authority of your account.

You might have missed many fun stuff shared by your friends, or your old school friends are planning for reunion vacation, but you will never know if you have forgotten your password.

We know keeping strong password is highly recommended for the safety of your account, but at the stay, time remembering that password is very tough. If you have added secondary email and phone number to your Facebook account; then getting back to your account is quite easy and painless.

When is Facebook Password Recovery Required?

There are merely two conditions that require users to recover their Facebook account . The first case is when the user forgets his/her Facebook Password, and the second is when hackers get into the user’s account by the unethical way.

If you think have forgotten your Password; don't be embarrassed. It is quite hard to remember the long and complicated password. You're human, everyone forgets things now and then, even important things!

However, if you remember your password, but unable to get into your account; then there is something suspicious in your account. So, before the hacker starts impersonating you and starts harming your personal things, it's better you reset your Facebook Password immediately.

How to Recover Facebook Account?

If you want to reset the password of your Facebook Account; then you need to have either access to your recovery email, your phone number or Google account. Fortunately, there are three ways to get back in if you forgot your Facebook password or your account has been hacked, all of which is detailed below.

Password Resetting of Your Facebook account through Phone Number

When you have lost the access to the email that was registered as a recovery mail on your Facebook account; then you can reset the Facebook password without email by using your registered phone number.

  • • Open any browser specific to your choice
  • • Type in the address bar or search bar and then hit Enter button.
  • • Click on “Forgotten Account”.
  • • A new web page will open on your computer screen. It asks you “enter your email address or phone number to search for your account”
  • • As you don’t have access to your email, so enter your registered phone number.
  • • Then, click on search button
  • • Please check your phone for a message with your code. Your code is 6 numbers long.
  • • Enter the same code in the box and click on continue
  • • Then, type a new password, make sure you create a strong password
  • • You will receive the message that your Facebook password has been changed successfully.
  • • Select the option “Logged out from another account”

How to Recover Facebook Account with a Registered Email Address?

  • • Open in any browser of your choice.
  • • Click on the “Forgotten Account”.
  • • Enter Facebook password recovery email.
  • • Click on search
  • • Check your email for a message with your code. Your code is 6 numbers long.
  • • Enter the six digit code in the box.
  • • Click on continue
  • • Then, type a new password, make sure you create a strong password
  • • You will receive the message that your Facebook password has been changed successfully.
  • • Select “Logged out from another account”

How to Reset FB Password without Recovery Email and Phone Number?

Resetting Facebook Password can be done without recovery email and phone number. You can use your google account to recover the account just in few minutes.

  • • Open in any browser
  • • Click on “Forgotten Account”
  • • A new page will open on the screen, which will show two options to reset the password.
  • • Click on Use my google account.
  • • Open your google account in new tab
  • • A pop-up should've just appeared in your google account
  • • Click on the link to reset your Facebook Password.
  • • Choose a new Password “A strong password is a combination of letters and punctuation marks. It must be at least 6 characters long”.
  • • Congratulation you have successfully recovered your account.
  • • Click on the option “logged me out of another device”

So, you have the detailed process aligned above, which will help you to reset your Facebook Password quite easily. In case, you have lost the access to all the three options mentioned above; then you can directly contact Facebook customer support for instant help. The technical experts are available 24/7 to provide support to the customers.