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Impeccable Technical Assistance To Use Hotmail Features Efficiently

The Hotmail Technical Support team is getting a lot of request emails from the users, asking for a guide and details about newly roll out features in Hotmail.

Microsoft has introduced many interesting features for its free webmail service “Hotmail” that is driving more and more people to switch from their old school email service to Window live Hotmail. But, at the same time, using the new features is getting difficult for the normal users, as these are highly advanced and needs technical proficiency.

Nevertheless, if the users learn to use these features integrated into their Hotmail efficiently by availing technical assistance from Hotmail customer care; then it will definitely enhance the emailing experience and will be able to make the most of it.

Learn More about the Hotmail from Technical Support Team

Whenever we talk about the IT Giant of the world, Microsoft is the first name that crops up in the mind. Undoubtedly, it has always been a player in this internet dominating world, whether it’s about free webmail service Hotmail/Outlook, or video calling app or Microsoft office.

The best thing! Unlike other email service providers, it offers the range of Hotmail Official technical support helpline Numbers for the convenience of its users. In the hour of need, the Hotmail users just need to dial the helpline number to get assistance from the engineers and a team of developers.

The latest rolled out Feature of Hotmail

Microsoft has come up with many exciting features for its Hotmail and Outlook, in order to provide the richest email and calendar experiences on the web. The newly rolled out features have enhanced user interface that will definitely help you to be more efficient, and better manage your calendar and inbox. So, be proficient in making most of these features with the help of Hotmail Support experts.

Here are some of the latest roll out features of Hotmail that will surely give you wow emailing experience:

  1. • Learn to Make good use of Onedrive feature from Hotmail Customer Care

Many of the users are not aware of the fact that Hotmail offers 7GB of cloud storage with Onedrive. Moreover, they can buy more space with Microsoft subscription. If the user doesn't have any idea, how to use onedrive feature efficiently and manage space in the email account; then they can contact experts via Hotmail contact number for impeccable technical assistance.

  1. • Dial Hotmail help number to ask technical support for configuring Hotmail in Mobile.

In case, the user is unable to configure Hotmail on their mobile device; they can get in touch with professionals, just by calling on Hotmail Helpline Number. The experts will assist you to setup the Hotmail account on your smartphone or tablet email app.

  1. • Contact Hotmail for technical assistance and learn to sync other emails with Hotmail

Many of the users find it difficult to sync other email accounts to your Hotmail profile. In such situation, the user can avail technical support via Hotmail tech support phone number and ask the experts for assistance in configuring other email accounts in Hotmail.

  1. • Get technical assistance via Hotmail Phone number to merge social media accounts

With the growing craze of Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter, the Microsoft have now enabled a feature that lets the users follow the feeds and messages of your friends’ right from the Hotmail Account. In case, the user is unable to link their social media account with Hotmail; then they can seek help from Hotmail technical support team and get instant technical assistance.

  1. • Learn to do Skype through your Hotmail Account

If the user is unable to use Skype through Hotmail; then they can ask for technical assistance via Hotmail Customer Care. The skilled engineers specialized in resolving Hotmail related issues, provide all-around support, starting from installing the Skype web plugin to initiating a video chat from the messaging section.

  1. • The Spam filter feature is not working

Hotmail has an outstanding security feature that makes it different from other webmail services.The sweep tool of Hotmail that automatically delete or keep spam or junk emails out of the inbox. Moreover, it also has a great spam filter that scans all incoming and outgoing to restrict virus infected emails to enter the inbox. In case, the user is facing trouble in enabling this feature or he/she thinks that the spam filter isn't working properly; they can immediately get in touch with the technicians via Hotmail technical support phone number.

Whenever the user feels that he/she got trapped in some technical problems while working on Hotmail; then they can approach to the Technical support team of Hotmail. The professionals are always available to provide an instant solution to the customers, irrespective of odd hours.

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