Change Gmail Password – A Perfect Option for Google Account Security

Looking to Secure Your Gmail Account - Keep Changing Gmail Password

People, nowadays; are getting quite cautious about the Gmail account security. For this, they implement several strategies to secure Gmail account. The best one amongst those is to change Gmail password.

As users access Google mail account through a web browser or App, the process of Gmail ID password change is quite different. The interface to change Gmail account password is quite diverse when it is supposed to be done through a PC or smartphone device.

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The process of Gmail password change is quite simple and quite easy to implement. But it is necessary to make the users understand why it is so important to initiate the procedure of Google mail account password change. Here are some of those:

  • • To maintain the privacy of data
  • • To restrict the unauthorized access
  • • To be complete 100% hacker proof
  • • To comply with the security protocol
  • • To make it, memorize easily
  • • To prohibit any malicious activity by scammers
  • • To inhibit active sessions in smartphone if stolen or misplaced

Many users have a query “Why should I change my Gmail password quite often?” The above- mentioned reasons are fit enough to provide you with the relevant answers in regards to this question.

People, generally have anxiety regarding how to change Gmail password as they have no idea how to perform this functionality on the web browser installed on a PC or smartphone device.

If you are one amongst those users; who are willing to change Gmail password, then implement essential steps to secure your Gmail account in an appropriate manner. But before that, there are some considerations that need to be adopted by a user before getting started with a process of Gmail change password.

  • • Prefer typing a new Gmail password with more than 8 characters longs as it is considered to be more secure.
  • • Simple characters used while changing Gmail password are of no use as your email account becomes highly prone to get hacked.
  • • Never use your name or date of birth while typing a new password as it becomes quite easy for the hacker to take control of your Gmail account
  • • Never share your password with anyone eve with your friends or relatives except the one you trust a lot in your family.
  • • Avoid accessing Gmail account on Public PCs as it’s of no use as key loggers save the everything you type in the web browser.
  • • Never access the free WiFi network connection on your email to access email account as it is an attempt by hackers to trap the users and steal the important data.
  • • Do not provide the same password while making changes in Gmail password that is already being used to access internet banking

I Want to Change My Gmail Password!! What to do?

Is it really essential for you to secure Google mail account? If yes, follow the below-mentioned steps of Gmail account password change, using the web browser installed on PC or smartphone device.

  • • Access Gmail account using the legitimate sign-in credentials.
  • • Upon successful login, navigate your mouse to the gear icon, clicking which you will find settings option in the drop down list.
  • • As the settings page is displayed, you will find different tabs in the menu.
  • • Take your mouse to the Tab “Accounts and Import” and click on it.
  • • The functionalities will appear underneath in which you will find a change password option alongside the section “ Change account settings”
  • • Click on the change password link doing which you are asked to authenticate the ownership of that account
  • • Once your identity is authenticated, a new page is displayed, in which you are asked to type a new password using alphabets, numeric and special characters. Make sure your password is strong has more than 8 characters.
  • • Press change password button and make changes effective.

Is It Necessary to Change My Google Account Settings?

Yes, of course. Only changing Gmail account password is not sufficient to keep your Google account secure from malicious activities of hackers. You have to adopt other functionalities as well to safeguard your email account. The Google 2-Step Authenticator feature is supposed to be enabled at the earliest; when it comes to attaining Gmail account security.

It is quite essential to enable Google2-Step Authenticationas anyone incase manage to hack your email password, won’t be able to access the inbox panel as the verification code is sent to the registered phone number is supposed to get validated.

You are not supposed to disclose the Google verification codes with anyone. These codes are backed up and can be used anytime during the time of urgency to reset Gmail account password; whenever needed.

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