How to contact Facebook by phone for technical support?

Possible Ways to Get in Touch with Facebook Support

Looking for the easy way out to contact Facebook? Unluckily, there is no contact form or link to the Facebook page where it provides any direct contact number for facebook to its users. So, in case there is any question or query regarding Facebook; then you need to visit the Facebook Help Community and post your query to get answers from Facebook Experts.

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But, there are always two faces of a coin. Being the most popular social media platform, FB has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users. Moreover; active users who signed on at least once each day, were 1.038 billion people. It is a huge figure in itself. So, catering customer support to such a huge population, is like “digging elephant’s grave with a teaspoon”. There is no wrong if we say that Facebook has to hire more than 10 million tech experts in order to cater Facebook customer service through phone contact.

One question must be cropping up in your mind that despite being a social media giant, why Facebook doesn’t provide any direct contact number. We totally understand your concern. We know Facebook is now an intrinsic part of your life and a second of separation from it might make you restless. You just can’t get enough of the Facebook.

So, when you find yourself stuck because of any technical issue, you are left with two options to contact Facebook support- posting your query on the Facebook Help Community or email your problems. However, email facilities are not available for all problems. If you have questions or concerns Facebook, here are a couple of ways you can find answers to your issue or get in touch with the people who run Facebook.

Let’s begin with a tutorial of contacting Facebook Support.

How to Contact Facebook through Help Community Page?

Going through the pages containing information and tips on Facebook is quite tedious, as not all pages are always intuitive. So, it is best recommended to post the query on the Help community pages. Let’s begin with steps to post the query and contact Facebook tech support engineers.

  • 1. Go to the Facebook Help Center
  • 2. Review the options toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • 3. Select the options, regarding which you want to ask questions.
  • 4. Follow Facebook's on-screen instructions.

However, getting the relevant response is a bit time- consuming. It might take several years to take action on it.

How to Contact Facebook Support via Email?

In order to contact Facebook via email, you are required to fill the contact form associated with your topic and wait for a reply. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to report a problem.

  • 1. Log in to the Facebook account
  • 2. Click on the “question mark ”icon on right upper corner
  • 3. Scroll down and select report the problem
  • 4. Click on the category regarding which you wish to query
  • 5. Then, follow the instruction on the screen to report the problem.

In case, you have lost the access to the account; you can follow the steps mentioned below to get in touch with Facebook officials:

However; these ways to contact FB help desk team, are quite tiring and time taking. There is no predefined time to fetch answers from the Facebook.

But, there is still the way out to get in touch with experts, who can resolve the technical issue just in seconds. You can get connected with third party technical experts through the contact number for Facebook support and ask them to resolve your problems.

Quick support has earned several years of experience in providing impeccable technical support service for Facebook. Starting from the free error diagnosis, effective troubleshooting tips to resolve the complex issues through remote access; the experts provide everything under one roof. You don’t have to wait for long for your turn.

The technical experts can reach out via streamlined contact numbers specifically for Facebook-related issues. As most of the instances, the staff at Facebook doesn't have time to answer your query, even when you are in urgent need. So, in the hour of need, you can turn to technical experts specialized in resolving Facebook related technical glitches. The experts are available round the clock at the Facebook contact phone number

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